Bluedog Payment Gateway - Magento 2

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Open Source (CE): 2.3, 2.4
Commerce on prem (EE): 2.3, 2.4
Commerce on Cloud (ECE): 2.3, 2.4
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  • Magento 2 Bluedog Payment Gateway
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  • Magento 2 Bluedog Payment Gateway - Create order from Admin

Bluedog Payment Gateway - Magento 2 extension allows you to take credit card payments through Bluedog Gateway 2.0 directly on your Magento 2 website. This extension is using API to process the transactions and does not store any card details on the shop.

In order to use the extension, you need to have a merchant account provided by Bluedog, they will give you the credentials to access Merchant Portal

How does the extension work

From Backend: The admin enables the extension, sets a custom title for the payment method, puts Private Api Key, selects Test mode, selects payment action, selects allowed credit card types, selects allowed countries and saves the configuration.

From Frontend: customers can then select the Bluedog method at the checkout page, enter the card/debit card details and place the order.

Features of Bluedog Payment Gateway - Magento 2

  • Accepted payment directly from your website. Customers don’t need to redirect to a payment gateway website to make payment.
  • Secured by Bluedog Payments
  • Accepts all Major Credit Cards / Debit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Supported Authorize payment
  • Supported Void Payment (Void a transaction that is pending settlement)
  • Supported Capture Payment Online (Capture funds for a specified transaction that has already been authorized)
  • Supported Refund Online (Process a refund for a transaction that has already been settled)
  • Supported Full/Partial Refund
  • Supported Order from Magento Backend (Admin orders)
  • Supported Order with Multiple addresses
  • Allow all Countries or Specific Countries
  • Enhanced security with CVV verification
  • Protected by AVS (Address Verification System)
  • Configure easily in Magento backend
  • Test and Production environment options
  • Supported Multiple-stores
  • Compatible with One Step Checkout (The extension from 3rd-party)

Why choose our Bluedog Payment Gateway - Magento 2

When you purchase the extension, you will get Free Support from our team for 12 months. if you face any issues related to the extension, our team will fix it and make sure it works with your website.

The extension included free updates for 12 months.

Our code is 100% open source and unencrypted. Easily add your own customizations.

Unlimited domains and websites that you want to use the extension.

We stand behind the quality of our extensions with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Test Environment

The following test cards can be used in the sandbox environment for testing. Any valid expiration date will be accepted

4111111111111111 visa

4005519200000004 visa

4009348888881881 visa

4012000033330026 visa

4012000077777777 visa

4012888888881881 visa

4217651111111119 visa

4500600000000061 visa

5555555555554444 mastercard

2223000048400011 mastercard

378282246310005 amex

371449635398431 amex

6011111111111117 discover

36259600000004 diners

3530111333300000 jcb

Extract the file into app/code/PL/Bluedog/
From a terminal, run the following commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
php bin/magento cache:clean

How to get Private API Key

From merchant control panel: Account name > Manage Api Keys > Create a new API Key

How to get Blue gateway API Key

How to create a new Blue Gateway API Key

Version 1.0.0

Released on February 20, 2023

- Initial version

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