NAB Transact (National Australia Bank) - Magento 2

Allows you to accept transactions from all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB etc.

Compatible With
Community: 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x


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NAB Transact (National Australia Bank) - Magento 2 allows you to use NAB Transact as a credit card processor. You can process Visa and Mastercard by default and can optionally accept American Express, Diners Club and JCB after activation from NAB.

Nab Transact Payment Gateways provides massive flexibility with highest standards of safety, security and reliability that makes easy for customers to use. It’s easy to integrate and extended. This payment service is best for start-up, small, medium or big sized online merchants.


Process Credit Card details directly in your checkout through API Service

Accept all major credit cards.

Support NAB Transact XML API.

Support NAB Transact Direct Post.

Support Refund Online.

Support Risk Management.

Encrypt the Password field in Configurations section

Support SSL certificate

Support enable mode Test/Live in magento admin


Frontend Backend

Backend Account

Username: payment

Password: Payment345!

Test Credit Card Numbers

Visa 4005550000000019 - 05/21

MasterCard 5123450000000008 - 05/21

Extract the file into app/code/PL/Nab/
From a terminal, run the following commands:
php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
php bin/magento cache:clean



Released on June 14 2017

- Changed the Host name for Test Environment.

Version 2.0.3

Released on March 17 2017

- Fixed the error occurs while compiling generated code

- Encrypt the Password field in Configurations section

- Support SSL certificate

Version 2.0.2

Updated 21 July, 2016

- Bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 2.0.1

Released 4 June, 2016

Customer Reviews

Great extension
Exactly as described. Really friendly and efficient support. Definitely recommended!
Thank you Linh again
Review by Paul Gibson (Perth) - Posted on 1/8/2018
A great extension with great customer service
Very helpful through testing to going live. Many thanks.
Review by Jimmy Tran - Posted on 12/8/2017
Great extension. Superb support
Extension does exactly what it says. Support is excellent. Super fast and helpful. Exactly what you would expect from any developer. Highly recommended.
Review by Kevin Sheehan - Posted on 12/8/2017
working perfectly
We have configured the extension for NAB Direct Post with our client’s Merchant ID and Password. It appears to be working perfectly - thanks Linh again for your help!
Review by Ayusha Joshi - Posted on 10/17/2017
Great extension and even better support
Very quick response after submitting a support ticket and with a good job for installation support as well as test the payment.
Review by Robert Seite - Posted on 9/29/2017
Works like a charm
I purchased this extension and this extension works so good and the support is also appreciably. I would recommend this product.
Review by Charles Proth - Posted on 9/6/2017
Great support / Customer Service
Installed the NAB extension worked out of the box no problem. We had to request support and obtain the latest version of the plugin only 24 hours before launching the site. Polacin responded almost immediately and got us up and running with no delay to launch.
Great customer support and Fast support.
Review by Ben Athey - Posted on 7/14/2017
A good working
I installed it on a development instance based on Magento 2.1.6 CE. Overall, a good working and fairly priced extension. Thank you
Review by Rajesh - Posted on 7/5/2017
Great support!
I found a few minor issues with the extension (Some caused by myself) but Lihn was right on the ball, and helped me to fix the issues in record times, even the issues caused by my own silly mistakes, Absolutely amazing support and service from Polacin. Recommend this extension.
Review by Colleen Robinson - Posted on 3/30/2017
Work like a charm
We've purchased the NAB Transact from you and it's working fine.
Appreciated for your help
Review by Lorraine Rogers - Posted on 10/9/2016
Couldn't be happier with our switch to production mode of NAB Transact :-) It's working great
Review by Krisztian Kortusz - Posted on 9/13/2016
It works
Good news guys ... Working fine now and orders coming through to NAB transact.
Michal from
Review by Michal Nicolas - Posted on 7/31/2016

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