QPay (STS PayOne EZ Connect) Payment Gateway - Magento (M1)

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Compatible With

Community: 1.7, 1.8, 1.9
Enterprise: 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
OpenMage : 19.4, 20.0

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  • Magento QPay (STS PayOne EZ Connect) Payment Gateway

QPay (STS PayOne EZ Connect) Payment Gateway is an online payment solution that can be integrated with Magento or OpenMage eCommerce store. The gateway allows store owners from Qatar to accept online payments from debit card users (Debit Card in Qatar)

The extension will collect all the need information from customer then send to payment gateway system without using the customer browser.

STS PayOne EZ Connect is a payment gateway for Magento stores based in the Middle East and Africa region. It allows you to accept transactions from debit card, it’s using EZ-Connect interface to perform e-Commerce through PayOne Payment Gateway.

This extension does not store any card details on merchant’s website.


Qatar National Payment Gateway (QPAY) will provide to merchant with the login credentials to access Merchant's Portal

- Merchant is contracted with Payment Gateway as an e-Commerce Merchant using EZ-Connect integration interface.

- Merchant is provided with a User Profile on Payment Gateway in order to generate unique Secret Key used for integration.

Currency support:


Used Credentials:

Merchant ID, Bank ID, Secret Key

Features of QPAY (PayOne EZ Connect) Payment Gateway - Magento (M1)

  • Direct your customers to QPay Payment Page during the checkout process. Once they’ve paid, they’ll be redirected back to your website.
  • Accepted Debit card.
  • Secure checkout process.
  • Capture new sales.
  • Create Invoice automatically.
  • Update transactions automatically.
  • Refund Online/Offline.
  • Support multiple websites and stores.
  • Cron job used for updating the transactions
  • Allow enabling or disabling Debug.
  • Encrypted the payment credentials.
  • Unlimited domains.

Why choose our QPay (STS PayOne EZ Connect) Payment Gateway - Magento (M1)

When you purchase the extension, you will get Free Support from our team for 12 months. if you face any issues related to the extension, our team will fix it and make sure it works with your website.

The extension included free updates for 12 months.

Our code is 100% open source and unencrypted. Easily add your own customizations.

Unlimited domains and websites that you want to use the extension.

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1) VERY IMPORTANT! go to admin panel -> System -> Tools -> Compilation and make sure that Compiler Status is disabled. If it's not, please change it to disabled. If you plan to use the compilation after installing the extension, please click 'Run Compilation Process' button after you complete the extension installation.

2) copy files from pl-qpay-ezconnect-m1 folder to the magento root folder (It looks like app/code/local/PL/Qpay)

3) log in as admin and refresh all caches (System > Cache Management)

4) log out of admin panel and log in back. This is needed for Magento to update access permissions.

Installation is completed.


If you will have any issues with the extension, please disable the extension the following way:

1. Open file app/etc/modules/PL_Qpay.xml, find this line of code:


and change it to:


2. log in as admin and refresh all caches (System > Cache Management)

Version 1.0.1

Stable version. Released on August 04, 2020

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